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The years of excellence.

The finest of Indian cuisine is as rich and diverse as its civilization. It is an art form that has been passed on through generations purely by word of mouth, from guru to pupil or from mother to daughter. The range assumes astonishing proportions when one takes into account regional variations. Very often the taste. color, texture and appearance of the same delicacy changes from region to region. Come and try the regional curries and numerous breads from India through daily changing menu at Breads of India.

Though this website, we hope to share with you many things. Learn about the authentic Indian cuisine available at each of our 3 locations, and the daily variations in our menus. You can also find out about our executive chef, a history of the restaurants and newsworthy items. You can also browse this site to see out how  culture and cuisine mesh in the Indian tradition. 

We've included a number of recipes that you can try out on our own, and you can see what publications around Northern California have to say about our vast offerings. 

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